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Office Information and Policies

Dr. Chesen is in outpatient solo private psychiatric practice.  She does not see patients in any hospital, and does not provide electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) or TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation).  She does not see children under the age of 10. Her Practice Manager is also her husband, Michael Hollman.

In an Emergency:

In a psychiatric EMERGENCY—meaning a life or death situation that must be attended to immediately—regardless of the time/date, GO TO THE NEAREST HOSPITAL EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT or call “911”.  You may also call the Lasting Hope Recovery Center Community Crisis Line at 402-717-4673.  Another national hotline number that is always available for help is 1-800-273-TALK (or 1-800-273-8255)  Once the situation has been stabilized, there will be time to reach Dr. Chesen.  She would very much like to speak with the doctor at the ER when he/she is available.  (Safety first!)

For Urgent Issues:

Urgent issues are those that require a reasonably fast response (within a few hours)—during office hours, dial the main office number (402-885-7811) and give a detailed message to Michael, the Practice Manager.  The message will be delivered to the doctor and someone will return your call ASAP.  If the office is closed when you call, you will hear a recorded message.  Please follow the directions on the outgoing message to reach Dr. Chesen.

For Non-urgent Issues:

Please call Dr. Chesen’s office number (402-885-7811) or email ( at any time.  Someone will usually return these calls/emails within 48 hours or during the next regular workday (Tuesday through Friday).  If you do not hear back within this period of time, please call/email back as something has gone wrong with the system.

In order to set up, cancel or change an appointment, please call or email the office.

Medication Refills:

Remember, it is always best to call for a refill at least 5 days before your supply of a medication will run out.  The most efficient way to request a refill on most medications is to call your pharmacy.  The pharmacist will then contact Dr. Chesen’s office for approval.

Insurance and Financial Information:

Dr. Chesen is currently on the preferred provider list for MOST of the following plans, although you will need to specifically contact your insurance company to make sure (it is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that Dr. Chesen is on the list for any given plan): BCBS of NE, Midland’s Choice, and Aetna.

She is not a provider for United Healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare.

If you choose to see Dr. Chesen “out-of-network” or if you have a deductible, be prepared to pay for your care the day of service in full. Our office accepts checks, cash, and most credit cards. We do not keep petty cash in the office to make change, and there is a $35 returned check fee for bounced checks.

Dr. Chesen will do her best to work with your insurance company regarding medications, including attempts to get prior authorizations or to appeal denials if your insurance company requires such steps. However—please remember that Dr. Chesen cannot guarantee that the best medications for your treatment will be covered by your insurance, or that she will be successful in navigating such insurance-required steps if they become overly complicated or time-consuming. If your insurance company has a strict medication formulary, it is your responsibility to supply it to Dr. Chesen’s office. If you choose to make a medication change due to formulary limitations, do not be surprised if Dr. Chesen requires an appointment with you to discuss options. She does not make major medication changes without an appointment.

Should you wish for Dr. Chesen to fill out paperwork for you (FMLA forms, return-to-work forms, etc.) or if you need her to write a letter on your behalf, be prepared to either come in for an appointment during which such paperwork may be handled OR for Dr. Chesen to bill you for the time she uses to handle your request.

Information for Potential New Patients:

Dr. Chesen’s Practice Manager, Michael, screens all potential new patients for Dr. Chesen, based on her criteria. These criteria may change at any time depending upon her availability/case load. There may be a long wait time for a first time appointment and if, after screening your particulars, Dr. Chesen or Michael do not feel she is the appropriate clinician to see you, or that our office does not have the resources to accommodate you, you will be referred elsewhere. If you are seeking an appointment the next day or even within two weeks of contacting us, you will likely be disappointed. The average wait time for a new patient appointment is between three and four weeks.

In general, Dr. Chesen requires that all new patients be under the care of a primary care doctor/provider, and highly recommends an ongoing relationship with a psychotherapist. She is not currently accepting new psychotherapy patients—she is only available for medication management. If you would like to be considered for a first-time appointment, please call or email Michael and provide the following: your full name, contact phone number, date of birth, type of insurance, primary care doctor’s name, psychotherapist’s name, the name of the person referring you, and a brief description of the reason you are seeking a consultation with Dr. Chesen at this time. He will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Low-dose Ketamine Intravenous Infusion:

Dr. Chesen is proud to consult with Maman Ali, MD (Miracle Hills Primary Care), whose office performs low-dose IV ketamine treatments for psychiatric and chronic pain patients here in Omaha. Such treatments are scheduled through Dr. Ali’s office, which may be reached at 402-905-2075. Please note that at this time, insurance usually does not pay for ketamine treatments, and such treatments are not yet FDA-approved for the treatment of any psychiatric condition. Rather, such treatments are offered “off-label” and are considered to have tremendous promise for some treatment-resistant patients.

Disclosure Statement Regarding Relationship with the Pharmaceutical Industry:

Today, many physicians are being asked by patients and other physicians about their relationship with the prescription drug industry.  Dr. Chesen meets regularly with some representatives of pharmaceutical companies so as to learn new information about available medicines and about the development of new medications.  Representatives often provide sample medications and vouchers/copay assistance cards for patient use.  She and her husband are not major stockholders in any pharmaceutical company.

Our Location and Contact Information:
11635 Arbor Street,
Suite 210
Omaha, NE 68144

We are on the south side of “The Arbor” brick building which sits at the southeast corner of 117th Street and Arbor Street in central Omaha. Arbor Street is one block north of West Center Road.

Phone 402-885-7811
Fax 402-884-1145

By appointment only.