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In a psychiatric EMERGENCY—meaning a life or death situation that must be attended to immediately – irregardless of the time/date, GO TO THE NEAREST HOSPITAL EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT or call “911”. You may also call the Lasting Hope Recovery Center Community Crisis Line at 402-717-4673. Another national hotline number that is always available for help is 1-800-273-TALK (or 1-800-273-8255) Once the situation has been stabilized, there will be time to reach Dr. Chesen. She would very much like to speak with the doctor at the ER when he/she is available. (Safety first!)

For URGENT matters—meaning a situation that requires a reasonably fast response (within a few hours)—during office hours, dial the main office number (885-7811) and give a detailed message to the office manager. The message will be delivered to the doctor and someone will return your call ASAP. If the office is closed when you call, you will hear a recorded message. Please follow the directions on the outgoing message to reach Dr. Chesen or a covering clinician.

For NONURGENT questions you may call Dr. Chesen’s office number at any time and leave a message. Someone will usually return these calls within 24 hours or during the next regular workday. If you do not hear back within this period of time, please call back as something has gone wrong with the system.

In order to set up, cancel or change an appointment, please call the office and speak with the office manager or leave a detailed message.

At times when Dr. Chesen is unavailable due to vacation, work-related travel, etc., she will have arranged coverage with one of her colleagues. For messages that cannot wait until she returns to the office, follow the directions for URGENT calls. Ask to reach “Dr. Chesen’s covering psychiatrist.”